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Meat Carving Fork - 27 cm

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        This stainless steel carving fork is the perfect tool to serve up roasts or Thanksgiving turkeys.

      • Rust-resistant 430 stainless steel
      • Seamless construction, no gaps for better hygiene
      • Perfectly balanced for comfort
      • Hidden full tang for durability


      Prongs length / Total length
      15 cm (6") / 27 cm (11")
      109 g (3.8 oz)
      Prongs material
      430 stainless steel
      Prongs hardness
      HRB 85 +/- 1
      Steel heat treatment
      Handle material


      * Hand-wash and dry after washing

    90 days money-back guarantee

    2 years warranty

    Free worldwide shipping for orders > 150€


    Rediscover cooking

    Rediscover the art of cooking with Kotai knives. Experience the sharpness and precision of handcrafted blades made from the finest materials. Elevate your culinary creations to new heights with the perfect combination of tradition and modern innovation.

    Lasting performance

    440C has more than 2x the carbon content than other premium steels. The blade, heat treated to HRC 60 +/- 1 hardness, keeps its razor-sharp edge cut after cut.

    Ergonomically engineered

    The perfect weight distribution and hand-polished ebony handle have been designed for you to cut effortlessly through the toughest food without compromising on comfort.

    The square prongs gradually diminish to piercingly sharp tips, enabling an easy initial puncture followed by a firm grip, comfortably holding food in place while slicing or carving with the carving knife.

    Serving as an extension of the carver’s arm, the fork’s length also ensures your hand stays safely away from the blade.


    Knife experts at the service of gastronomy experts.

    - ROBERT FONTANA, Executive Chef, Pacific Club Hong Kong

    Powerful knife, yet very comfortable and precise.
    I always have it right beside me.

    - THIBAUT GAMBA, Michelin Starred Chef at La Table, (5-star hotel Clarance), Lille, France

    I am speechless! The knife is spectacular!

    - FRANCESCO ARENA, Executive Chef, Maison B hotel (4-star hotel), Rimini, Italy

    KOTAI is a brand that elevates your culinary journey by giving you a better cutting experience.

    - MATTHIEU PASGRIMAUD, Michelin Starred Chef at Le 1825 - La Table, Gesté, France

    We are pleasantly surprised by KOTAI since we embraced it.

    - ROMAIN CASAS, Chef at "Deux" in Paris, France

    1. Heavy Duty
    2. Sexy Design
    3. Safe & trustworthy

    - DAVIDE BORIN, Executive Chef, Pici Group, Hong Kong

    These are excellent tools for everyday use.

    - TIPHAINE MOLLARD, Chef at "Deux" in Paris, France

    KOTAI knives are exceptional! Great value for money and suitable for everyone: professionals and amateurs.

    - CHICHI COOK, chef and content creator, Metz, France

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    KOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm ReviewKOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm ReviewKOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm Review

    Ergonomica e di ottima qualità

    Kotai è un marchio francese di coltelli e strumenti per cucina che coniuga nei suoi prodotti lo stile giapponese con la qualità dei materiali europei, tendenzialmente più grezzi ma molto meno delicati delle controparti asiatiche. Questa forchetta per arrosti non fa eccezione: acciaio inossidabile ad alta percentuale di carbonio 440C per la punta così da resistere a corrosione ed ossidazione, legno di pakka nero lucido per il manico così non deformarsi per umidità e calore, ed un peso di soli 140 gr che la rendono davvero molto comoda. Inizialmente mi aspettavo delle dimesioni più generose ma utilizzandola mi sono reso conto che i circa 30 cm totali di questa forchetta la rendono perfettamente bilanciata ed utilizzabile anche su pezzature importanti, grazie anche ai rebbi quadrati che si assottigliano diventando punte "uncinate" che non lasciano scappare la nostra carne. Il prezzo è un pelo alto, è vero, ma come tutta la linea Kuro di Kotai i materiali sono ottimi ed i prodotti sono garantiti a vita. Io la promuovo!$

    Glirhuin (.
    Italy Italy
    KOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm ReviewKOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm ReviewKOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm Review

    Exquisito utensilio de cocina. Ideal para regalar.

    Antes que nada hay que mencionar que este utensilio de cocina es una pieza artesanal, hecha totalmente a mano y con una gran exquisitez. Es de la marca kotai, la cual produce muy buenos productos con un diseño oriental muy conseguido. Tiene una medida ideal de 27 cm de largo lo cual lo hace muy funcional pero al mismo tiempo fácil de manejar y compacto. La presentación está totalmente a la altura del producto, ya que viene en una caja muy elegante perfectamente protegido. Se trata de un tenedor de corte para carne, una herramienta muy útil en cocina, sobre todo a la hora de servir asados en restaurantes y por que no, en tu propia casa. Está hecho con unos materiales de una calidad extraordinaria: acero inoxidable japonés para el utensilio en sí y madera pakkawood para el mango, el cual está perfectamente pulido y tiene un agarre excelente. En lo que es la base del mango lleva el logotipo de la marca, lo que le da un plus de elegancia y distinción. Para regalar a aquellas personas que aman la gastronomía, pero también les gusta rodearse de utensilios bien hechos y con un diseño atractivo éste sin duda será todo un acierto. Su precio es verdad que a primeras parece algo exagerado pero viendo la calidad y presentación del producto y también observando que tiene una garantía de por vida ya nos da idea de que no es cualquier utensilio, sino que es muy especial y que si lo cuidamos mínimamente nos va a durar toda la vida.

    Marisa (.
    Spain Spain
    KOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm Review

    Du haut de gamme

    Cette fourchette à découper est le complément idéal des couteaux KOTAI. Elle faite en acier inoxydable de qualité supérieure et son manche en pakkawood offre une excellente prise en main. Elle est fabriquée à la main et couverte par une garantie à vie KOTAI... ce qui explique son prix. Elle mesure 27 cm de long, dont 13,5 cm pour les deux pics en métal. A noter qu'elle est livrée dans un étui en carton et que son manche est plus petit que cela des couteaux. Sa qualité et la finesse de sa conception en font un très bel objet. A recommander sans hésitation.

    Acérola (.
    France France
    KOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm ReviewKOTAI Meat and Carving Fork - 27 cm Review

    Design au top et qualité professionnelle

    Ce produit n'est pas n'importe quelle fourchette à viande, c'est un produit de professionnel, design et efficace. Tout dans sa conception et sa fabrication respire la qualité: la fourchette est équilibrée, la prise en main excellente, on est protégé de la chaleur et on peut forcer sans crainte. Nettoyage ultra-facile après utilisation, et qualité des matériaux et des finitions incroyable. Je recommande.

    M. Nicolas (Vine Customer at Amazon)
    France France


    This knife is made of 440C steel from Japan. 440C is a high-carbon stainless steel, meaning that it combines the property of high-carbon steel (very hard due to the high carbon content of 0.95%+ and the vacuum heat treatment, therefore very sharp and able to keep its edge for much longer than other steels) and stainless steel (ability to resist corrosion and stains). So the blade will not rust, but you have to care for it properly by washing it with soapy water and drying it quickly after using it.

    Do not put it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in the sink.

    A “cheap” knife will end up costing you more in the long run, because it can break or turn dull. Low quality steel will not keep a sharp edge no matter how many hours you waste on sharpening, and you will end up having to buy a new knife every year or so.

    There are plenty of “cheap” knives that cannot perform to decent standards and very few options for chefs who are passionate about cooking, need the right tools to assist them in their career or hobby but are not willing to overspend on a brand name. Get your KOTAI knife today for a lifetime of safe and delicious cooking.

    We believe that a good knife should be a chef's trusted partner for life.

    That is why we are proud to stand behind our knives with a lifetime warranty.

    If you find that your knife has any manufacturing defect, you may contact us at and we will repair or replace it for free.

    On top of the lifetime manufacturing warranty, you can benefit from the protection of a 90-day money-back warranty in case your KOTAI knife does not live up to your expectations.

    Try a KOTAI knife risk-free and return it within 90 days if you do not like it. No questions asked.