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Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod

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Japanese precision, Western robustness.

Best of both worlds.

  • Handmade
  • Keeps knives razor-sharp in seconds
  • Protective finger guard for maximum safety
  • Forged from rust-resistant, high-carbon steel
  • Ultra durable, lifetime warranty

Technical specifications

Rod Length / Total Length
23 cm (9") / 35 cm (14")
331 g (11.7 oz)
Guided Honing Angle
15 degrees
Rod Material
#75 carbon steel
Rod Hardness
HRC 65 +/- 1
Tip of rod
Pointed for stability
Handle Material
Black hand-polished pakkawood
A sharp knife is a safe knife

A dull blade is harder to control and risks slipping, increasing the chances of injuring your fingers.

A good honing steel will help you realign your knife’s edge to make cooking safer, faster and more enjoyable.

Thanks to the hard steel used in making KOTAI knives, they only require honing every week or so, depending on use.


#70 carbon steel
Just like how it takes a diamond to cut a diamond, it takes a very hard steel to hone a steel blade.
At HRC 65, the KOTAI honing steel can fix even the hardest steel alloys in just a few strokes.
Honing vs. Sharpening
Honing realigns the blade edge in just a few strokes, while sharpening removes the dull edge to create a new, sharp one.
Use the honing steel for weekly maintenance; use the whetstone to restore the blade's edge when sharpening becomes necessary.
Get the angle right
To help you hone your blade at the correct angle, the finger guard features a built-in 15˚ guide.

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