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Bamboo cutting board

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Essential tool in your kitchen to protect your countertop and the edge of your knives, the Kotai bamboo cutting board is made of natural bamboo sustainably grown in Fujian, China.

Naturally antibacterial, pre-dried and deep-oiled with food-grade mineral oil, the Kotai cutting board is built to last.

Multifunctional: featuring two distinct designs on each side, this board can be used both functionally as a chopping board and decoratively as a platter for cold cuts and amuse-bouches.

  • 100% bamboo, naturally antibacterial and antifungal.
  • Large enough to prepare a big meal (40 x 30 x 2 cm) / (15.5 x 12 x 1 inches).
  • Thick and pre-dried bamboo to prevent cracking, warping or it getting wobbly.
  • Deep-oiled with food-grade mineral oil to increase longevity.
  • Soft surface to keep the edge of your knives razor sharp.
  • One side with gutter, juice reservoir and pouring groove to collect food juices.
  • Other side completely flat for easy scooping of minced herbs and dry foods.
  • Hidden handles for an easy grasp while keeping minimalist aesthetics.

Technical specifications

Dimensions (rolled)
42 x 15 cm (16.5 x 6")
Dimensions (unrolled)
42 x 57 cm (16.5 x 22.5")
600 g (21 oz)
Outer Material
12-oz waxed canvas
Lining Material
11.5 oz cotton canvas
Straps & Handle Material
Top-grain cow leather
Zipper Material
Buckles & Rivets Material

Built with ultra-resistant waxed canvas and full-grain leather, the KOTAI travel knife bag is made to last and follow great chefs throughout their careers.

The knives are protected by the waxed canvas and cotton lining, and they are securely held to ensure that they remain safe and still during transportation.

Easy to open and close with brass buckles; includes a large zipper pocket to store additional accessories.


Slicing, rock chopping, dicing, julienne, brunoise... Great food starts with precise cutting. The acute 15 degree edge ensures that you never bruise delicate ingredients and always preserve their freshness.
440C has more than 2x the carbon content than other premium steels. The blade, heat treated to HRC 59 hardness, keeps its razor-sharp edge cut after cut.
The perfect weight distribution and hand-polished pakkawood handle have been designed for you to cut effortlessly through the toughest food without compromising on comfort.

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