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Honing Steel Knife Sharpener - 30 cm rod

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A sharp knife is a safe knife.


        Just like how it takes a diamond to cut a diamond, it takes a very hard steel to hone a steel blade. At HRC 65, the KOTAI Honing Steel can fix even the hardest steel alloys in just a few strokes.

      • Forged from rust-resistant, high-carbon steel
      • Keeps knives razor-sharp in seconds
      • Protective finger guard for maximum safety
      • Pointed tip rod for stability
      • Magnetic


      Rod length / Total length
      23 cm (9") / 35 cm (14")
      331 g (11.7 oz)
      Guided honing angle
      15 degrees
      Rod material
      #75 carbon steel
      Rod hardness
      HRC 65 +/- 1
      Handle material


      * Hand-wash and dry after washing

    90 days money-back guarantee

    2 years warranty

    Free worldwide shipping for orders > 150€


    #70 Carbon steel

    Just like how it takes a diamond to cut a diamond, it takes a very hard steel to hone a steel blade.
    At HRC 65, the KOTAI honing steel can fix even the hardest steel alloys in just a few strokes.

    Honing vs. Sharpening

    Honing realigns the blade edge in just a few strokes, while sharpening removes the dull edge to create a new, sharp one.
    Use the honing steel for weekly maintenance; use the whetstone to restore the blade's edge when sharpening becomes necessary.

    Get the angle right

    To help you hone your blade at the correct angle, the finger guard features a built-in 15˚ guide.

    A dull blade is harder to control and risks slipping, increasing the chances of injuring your fingers.

    A good honing steel will help you realign your knife’s edge to make cooking safer, faster and more enjoyable.

    Thanks to the hard steel used in making KOTAI knives, they only require honing every week or so, depending on use.


    Knife experts at the service of gastronomy experts.

    - ROBERT FONTANA, Executive Chef, Pacific Club Hong Kong

    Powerful knife, yet very comfortable and precise.
    I always have it right beside me.

    - THIBAUT GAMBA, Michelin Starred Chef at La Table, (5-star hotel Clarance), Lille, France

    I am speechless! The knife is spectacular!

    - FRANCESCO ARENA, Executive Chef, Maison B hotel (4-star hotel), Rimini, Italy

    KOTAI is a brand that elevates your culinary journey by giving you a better cutting experience.

    - MATTHIEU PASGRIMAUD, Michelin Starred Chef at Le 1825 - La Table, Gesté, France

    We are pleasantly surprised by KOTAI since we embraced it.

    - ROMAIN CASAS, Chef at "Deux" in Paris, France

    1. Heavy Duty
    2. Sexy Design
    3. Safe & trustworthy

    - DAVIDE BORIN, Executive Chef, Pici Group, Hong Kong

    These are excellent tools for everyday use.

    - TIPHAINE MOLLARD, Chef at "Deux" in Paris, France

    KOTAI knives are exceptional! Great value for money and suitable for everyone: professionals and amateurs.

    - CHICHI COOK, chef and content creator, Metz, France

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    KOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod ReviewKOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod ReviewKOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod Review

    Ottimo acciarino con il tocco di classe Kotai

    Se avete avuto modo di tenere in mano uno dei prodotti Kotai, sapere benissimo che la loro qualità è davvero alta per una produzione in serie e l'attenzione ai dettagli della casa francese è grandissima. Questo acciaino della linea Kuro non fa eccezione e si rivela un prodotto realizzato finemente e davvero molto molto comodo da utilizzare. Il manico in legno di pakka, segno distintivo della linea, è utilizzato per le sue caratteristiche di grip e resistenza all'umidità ed al calore ed effettivamente permette un'impugnatura comfortevole durante l'affilatura. La lunghezza dell'asta di affilatura è di circa 30 cm e permette di affilare anche lame decisamente lunghe, mentre il peso contentuo (circa 200 gr) non rendono affatto il suo utilizzo gravoso. Plauso per l'accortezza di aver magnetizzato la punta, così che i residui di acciaio creatisi durante l'affilatura non si dispredano sul nostro piano di lavoro e la protezione delle dita è studiata per avere anche una guida per l'inclinazione ottimale (15°) della lama su cui operiamo. Materiali robusti, design piacevole ed attenzione ai dettagli, facilità di utilizzo... Cosa manca? Ah si: è garantito a vita! Non posso che promuoverlo!

    Glirhuin (.
    Italy Italy
    KOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod Review

    Aiguiser ou affûter un couteau de cuisine ?

    A force de les utiliser, les couteaux de cuisine deviennent moins tranchants. Il est donc essentiel d'entretenir le fil de la lame pour que la découpe reste facile et agréable. Si l'affûtage et l'aiguisage ont tous les deux pour objectif de redonner son fil, c'est-à-dire son tranchant à une lame, il existe néanmoins une nuance. L'affûtage est une opération assez brève avant chaque utilisation qui consiste à traiter le fil dans son intégralité. L'aiguisage se focalise sur une remise en forme précise si le couteau est émoussé ou a subit un choc. Dans les deux cas il est possible d'utiliser un fusil ou une pierre à aiguiser (attention à bien choisir la finesse) MAIS il existe une différence fondamentale. Affûtage : action légère sur la lame, au quotidien, pas d'action abrasive. Aiguisage : action ponctuelle qui va enlever de la matière (de manière imperceptible) sur la lame. Les fusils d'aiguisage sont généralement en céramique ou diamantés... donc plus dur que l'acier. Ce fusil à affûter KOTAI, en acier, permet donc d'affuter un couteau qui ne présente pas d'imperfection visible. Il est de très bonne facture, comme tous les ustensiles KOTAI d'ailleurs et sa prise en main est parfait. On regrette néanmoins qu'il n'y pas la moindre explication sur la manière d'affûter un couteau. Ainsi, il convient tout d'abord de prendre une tige plus longue que le couteau. Ce fusil, de 28 cm de longueur utile (hors manche donc) est parfait sur ce point. Vous positionnez la pointe du fusil sur la table et faites glisser le couteau du haut vers le bas en suivant le long du fusil. Il convient de faire des mouvements comme si vous allez trancher le fusil en commençant par le talon du couteau jusqu'à atteindre la pointe. D'abord un côté, puis l'autre, ainsi de suite. Des personnes aguerries peuvent tenir le fusil en l'air ou encore faire le geste en ramenant le couteau vers soi. Attention, à bien garder ses doigts derrière la bague de protection. Un outil de qualité, indispensable, à recommander sans hésitation.

    Acérola (.
    France France
    KOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod ReviewKOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod ReviewKOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod Review

    Profi-Wetzstahl ohne Mängel

    Der Kotai Hon- bzw.- Wetzstahl ist groß, massiv und schwer. Der Schleifbereich ist 30cm lang, mit Griff kommt der Stab auf ca. 42cm. Durch die Länge ist er auch dfür große Messer geeignet. Am besten zieht man damit die Messer vor jedem Gebrauch kurz ab. Der Umgang mit so einem Teile erfordert natürlich ein wenig Übung. Wer es noch nicht gemacht hat, sollte sich ein paar Youtube-Videos anschauen. Der Wetzstab ist aber von der Qualität und auch von Preis so hochwertig, dass die Zielgruppe hier wohl eher im Profi-Bereich liegt, wo solche Videos nicht nötig sind. Ich nehme an, dass ich den Wetzstab noch vererben werde, so robust ist er. Daher volle Sternezahl und eine Empfehlung für diesen hochwertigen Wetzstahl.

    Familie M. (Buyer at Amazon)
    Germany Germany
    KOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod ReviewKOTAI Honing Steel Knife Sharperner - 30 cm rod Review

    Très très grande qualité

    Fusil de très très grande qualité. Poignée facile de préhension. Robuste et très bien conçu.

    Maurel (.
    France France


    This knife is made of 440C steel from Japan. 440C is a high-carbon stainless steel, meaning that it combines the property of high-carbon steel (very hard due to the high carbon content of 0.95%+ and the vacuum heat treatment, therefore very sharp and able to keep its edge for much longer than other steels) and stainless steel (ability to resist corrosion and stains). So the blade will not rust, but you have to care for it properly by washing it with soapy water and drying it quickly after using it.

    Do not put it in the dishwasher or leave it to soak in the sink.

    A “cheap” knife will end up costing you more in the long run, because it can break or turn dull. Low quality steel will not keep a sharp edge no matter how many hours you waste on sharpening, and you will end up having to buy a new knife every year or so.

    There are plenty of “cheap” knives that cannot perform to decent standards and very few options for chefs who are passionate about cooking, need the right tools to assist them in their career or hobby but are not willing to overspend on a brand name. Get your KOTAI knife today for a lifetime of safe and delicious cooking.

    We believe that a good knife should be a chef's trusted partner for life.

    That is why we are proud to stand behind our knives with a lifetime warranty.

    If you find that your knife has any manufacturing defect, you may contact us at and we will repair or replace it for free.

    On top of the lifetime manufacturing warranty, you can benefit from the protection of a 90-day money-back warranty in case your KOTAI knife does not live up to your expectations.

    Try a KOTAI knife risk-free and return it within 90 days if you do not like it. No questions asked.