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A Perfect Collaboration

KOTAI Joins Hands with ‘La Tablée des Chefs’

An obvious partnership is born!

In an initiative aimed at promoting a sustainable future in the culinary field, KOTAI has joined forces with La Tablée des Chefs; a renowned organization dedicated to combating food waste, food insecurity and promoting culinary education. 

Since its beginnings, La Tablée des Chefs has stood out for its pioneering role in the fight against food waste and food insecurity. Thanks to a multitude of initiatives, the association has not only been able to recover surplus food, but also to redistribute it to people in need. Furthermore, the association goes even further by offering educational and culinary training programmes to disadvantaged populations, giving them the chance to acquire valuable skills and access opportunities in the culinary arts.

Finally, over the last few years, KOTAI has established itself as a reference for sustainability and performance, helping to elevate the fine art of cooking. Our commitment to quality and innovation has earned us the trust of professional chefs and cooking lovers all over the world! 

Today, by joining forces with La Tablée des Chefs, our commitment extends beyond the simple manufacture of high-quality tools; it represents a crucial step towards gastronomic excellence, while having a positive impact on society.

What are the motivations behind this collaboration? 

By joining forces with La Tablée des Chefs, we are demonstrating our desire to leave a positive impression on the world. Indeed, this collaboration is clearly aimed at amplifying the efforts of both organizations acting for a society where food waste is reduced and more people have access to adequate food. Moreover, by investing in culinary education, the partnership is fostering the training of the next generation of talented chefs, raising the standards of the culinary industry as a whole.

Partners for several months...

Our partnership with La Tablée des Chefs began in March 2023 and has been growing stronger ever since. We share a common vision of using the potential of food and culinary expertise to positively impact the lives of people in need. Since the beginning of our collaboration, we at KOTAI have felt honored to be one of the sponsors of La Tablée des Chefs' Culinary Brigades programme, held this year in Paris.

The establishment of this very special partnership was possible thanks to our association with Les Bienfaiteurs; a renowned platform that gave us the opportunity to showcase our exceptional products. As part of our commitment and dedication to supporting worthy causes, we have pledged to regularly donate 10% of our total revenue from Les Bienfaiteurs to La Tablée des Chefs.

Finally, we at KOTAI are grateful for the opportunity we were able to seize with La Tablée des Chefs and we are more than proud to be an integral part of their mission from now on! This collaboration not only allows us to contribute to a worthy cause, but also to reinforce our commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).