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Chefs Tiphaine Mollard and Romain Casas

Immersion at Maison&Objet.


Experts opinion: chefs Mollard and Casas share their thoughts on KOTAI!

Tiphaine Mollard and Romain Casas are two French chefs who have been sharing the same passion for years now. First meeting in 2018, a working relationship that quickly turned into a friendship, and then the opening of Deux restaurant in the heart of Paris two years later in 2020.

Deux’s story is above all the story of two friends with different backgrounds and personalities, but a shared passion: gastronomy. Moreover, the talented duo have been awarded the Gault & Millau Jeunes Talents prize in 2021 and 2022. This prestigious award particularly honors their culinary skills and innovative approach to French cuisine, underlining their commitment to using fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from small French producers. Finally, chefs Mollard and Casas' dedication to their profession and passion for gastronomy has earned them recognition within the industry, reinforcing their status as rising stars on the Paris culinary scene.

Chef Tiphane Mollard holding a Santoku (left) and Romain Casas holding a cleaver knife (right).
Chef Romain Casas sorting our herbs with his hands.

"We've been pleasantly surprised since we started using KOTAI knives!" - Romain Casas

Originally from south-west France, Romain Casas developed his culinary skills at a hotel school before earning rewarding experience in prestigious restaurants such as Carré des Feuillants under Alain Dutournier (closed since 2021). In 2018, he collaborated with Christian Etchebest to create a brand new menu for the restaurant Le Club, an ideal address for a business lunch or a more intimate meal due to the discretion of the place.

Chef Tiphane Mollard in her white double-breasted jacket preparing for a cook.

"KOTAI knives are excellent tools for everyday use." - Tiphaine Mollard

Tiphaine Mollard, a talented chef from Savoie in France, was trained by chef Alain Ducasse at the famous Parisian bistro Benoit, where she quickly rose through the ranks from commis to sous-chef. Then, in 2018, our two chefs met when they joined the team at Le Club restaurant, forming a dynamic duo!

An exciting encounter between KOTAI and chefs Mollard and Casas.

It was during the same edition of the Maison&Objet show in 2022, where we had the opportunity to meet chef Matthieu Pasgrimaud, that we also got to know Tiphaine Mollard and Romain Casas.

It was an honor for KOTAI to be able to meet these talented young entrepreneurs who are passionate about their culinary art. By working with producers in their respective regions, they ensure a short supply chain and promote an environmentally-friendly, zero waste approach. A true inspiration for KOTAI, which strives to promote sustainability in the production of our knives guaranteed for life!

Deux, gourmet cuisine with regional flavors!

It was in 2020 that the duo, with their varied influences but complementary characters, decided to take the plunge into culinary entrepreneurship by opening their own restaurant in the heart of Paris. And so Deux was born! An opportunity for the two chefs to showcase their respective terroirs, while fusing the regional flavors of the South-West and Savoie.

In fact, creating a menu based on local and seasonal ingredients was an obvious choice for the two chefs, who pay particular attention to the French terroir. All their producers are featured on their website, including Pierre DUPLANTIER, a poultry farmer; Audrey, a grower of GMO- and pesticide-free micro-fruits and edible flowers; Beñat, a passionate cheesemaker; and the many regional wineries.

Deux is a restaurant with a minimalist, elegant decoration in sober and uncluttered colors. Furthermore, the touches of wood, the warm lighting and the furniture such as the banquettes create a convivial atmosphere. An attractive cocktail for customers looking to spend a pleasant moment with friends or family.

© Deux | (Instagram)

Chefs Mollard and Casas are thus able to offer visually innovative, unique and modern gastronomic creations that are both gourmet and delicate. The menu, which changes with the seasons, includes revisited French classics as well as more personal and experimental creations.

© Deux | (Instagram)

Finally, building on their success, they decided to open their restaurant's little brother in 2022: P'tit Deux. Specializing in tapas and famous croquetas, this refined bistro takes its inspiration from the Spanish tapas bars, with the emphasis on conviviality. You can therefore enjoy tapas with a glass of French wine, carefully selected by our chefs, the Spanish way!