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par Jeremie Plane

KOTAI and Guilt&Millau Chefs

In 2018, Romain and Tiphaine met professionally at the restaurant “Le Club” where they both worked. They became friends and it was in 2020 that they decided to embark on their own challenge to set up a restaurant. They open their first establishment, “Le Deux”. The second, “Le petit deux”, was born very recently in 2022. Congratulations to them!

In 2020, they made the decision to set up their own restaurant together and won the precious Young Talents Gault & Millau 2021 endowment which opened many doors. They land in the very famous 11th arrondissement which is already full of noticed addresses (see Charbon) and naturally names it DEUX.
They won the Gault&Millau Young Talents endowment in 2021.

Romain Casas

“KOTAI is a nice surprise that we adopted”

Originally from the Southwest, he studied in a hotel school. In 2019, he revisited the menu in collaboration with Christian Etchebest from the restaurant “Le Club”. Romain worked at the “Carré des Feuillants” by Alain Dutournier.

Tiphaine Mollard

“These are really very good daily work tools”

Tiphaine, originally from Savoie and a young chef with a passion for cooking, decided to go into catering in 2016 after studying business. She worked with great chefs in the restaurant "Benoît" of the renowned Alain Ducasse.

“Le Deux” restaurant

You will find a very refined decor, with color tones and natural materials such as white, blue and wood.

The establishment offers original seasonal cuisine, revisits French dishes from their two respective regions, including less or even more animal protein. Together, they have a 0 waste approach. They work in a short circuit, that is to say directly with the producers in their regions.
The restaurant is located in the 11th arrondissement of Paris
You can consult it here:

Something to make your mouth water while consuming responsibly!

Contact :

Address : 58 Rue de la Fontaine au Roi, 75011 Paris

Phone number : 09 74 97 47 52

It is also possible to book a table via google by typing “le deux restaurant Paris”

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